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operation lamp Installation

1. Inspection of mechanical installation of shadowless operating lamp: Check whether there are any mechanical installation leaks, whether there are a few screws or not tightly fastened. Whether the clip spring is clamped or not, whether the decorative cover plates have been covered.
2. Circuit Check: First check whether the system has short circuit or open circuit. If everything is normal, the power test can be carried out. At this time, the stability of the external power supply of the shadowless lamp should be checked. Whether the output voltage of transformer is too high or too low.
3. Balance arm adjustment: check whether the balance arm matches the lamp holder, whether it needs to adjust the force of the balance arm, whether it needs to adjust the angle of the balance arm and whether it needs to be adjusted by the adjustment method of the lamp arm. Usually, the screw for adjusting the lamp arm is at both ends of the lamp arm, but there are slightly different manufacturers, which can be observed carefully.
Fourth, joint flexibility adjustment: mainly adjust the joint's damping screw, the standard stipulates that the degree of tightness of the damping adjustment is to push or rotate the joint at any position with the force close to 20N or 5Nm.
5. Adjustment and release of joint limit switch: In order to facilitate the installation and transportation of shadow-less lamp, most shadow-less lamp products have lock switches or limit switches in their key parts such as joints. They can be opened now.
6. Check the irradiation distance and depth: Most of the shadowless lamp's irradiation distance is 70-140 cm or 60-130cm. That is to say, the shadowless lamp has the best effect in this distance.
Check illumination and color temperature: illumination and color temperature are in fact an approximate concept. They all describe the illumination intensity of shadowless lamps. Usually we think that the most ideal shadowless lamp is the approximation of light and sunlight. That is about 4400-5500K.