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Essentials Electric Operating Table

Operating table is a relatively comprehensive equipment, for the electric integrated operating table, the main parts of the inspection generally include the joint points between the various plates, as well as the hydraulic device of the equipment, this device is still very important. But what criteria should be adopted in the inspection?
The electric operating table consists of a bed body (including supporting part, transmission part and control part) and accessories. Generally speaking, the supporting part mainly includes three parts: the platform, the lifting column and the base. The platform can be composed of several supporting plates with different functions, such as the head plate, the back plate, the waist plate, the leg plate, the buttock plate and the foot plate. The base part generally includes the footwheel and the brake locking device.
According to the transmission principle, the transmission part can be divided into three types: hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic. Hydraulic transmission structure generally includes cylinder, oil pump, solenoid valve, relief valve, oil pipeline, hydraulic cylinder, etc. Mechanical transmission structure generally includes motor, worm, worm, gear, etc. Pneumatic structure generally includes self-locking air spring, etc. The control part mainly includes control handle (wired/wireless), control panel, pedal controller and so on. The working principle of the product is that the oil is injected into the tubing by the oil pump from the tank. The solenoid valve controls the opening and closing of the oil circuit, and uses the oil pressure to drive the piston movement in the hydraulic cylinder, thus realizing various actions of the operating table.
Relevant standards for product use: First of all, the completeness and suitability of the quotation standards are examined, that is, whether the national standards and industry standards related to products are quoted and whether the quotation is accurate when compiling the registered product standards. It can be examined by whether the "normative reference document" in the registered product standards refers to the relevant standards and whether the standards cited are appropriate.
What are the inspection points of the electric operating table technology? To sum up, the key points of electric operating table technology inspection are: attention should be paid to whether the standard number, standard name is complete and standardized, and whether the age number is valid. Secondly, the adoption of quotation standards should be examined and strictly implemented.