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Classification of anaesthetic ventilators

The direct current anesthesia machine is composed of hyperbaric oxygen, decompressor, flowmeter and evaporator of anesthetic liquid. As shown in Figure 2-1-2. The device can only provide oxygen and adjust the concentration of anesthetics inhaled, and other devices must be connected in series with the output site in order to anesthesia.
Circulating closed anesthesia machine
The device supplies patients with low flow of anesthetic mixture gas and one-way flow through the escape valve (door). The exhaled gas enters the CO2 absorber through the expiratory valve for reuse. Its structure is mainly composed of oxygen supply and nitrous oxide device, gas flow meter, evaporator, CO2 absorber, unidirectional valve, respiratory pipeline, escape valve, gas storage bag, etc. as shown in Figure 2-1-3.
Modern anesthesia machines are also equipped with ventilator airway pressure, expiratory flow, end-expiratory CO2 concentration, inhalation anesthetic concentration, oxygen concentration monitor, hypoxia alarm and hypoxia-nitrous oxide automatic protection device. Figure 2-1-4 is an actual anesthetic airway map. This is a closed loop anesthesia circuit. Before anesthesia, patients should be given a certain amount of pure oxygen (usually 3-5 minutes), and then anesthesia operation.
Composition and function of anesthesia machine
The anesthesia machine is composed of the following parts: frame, external circuit, anesthesia ventilator, anesthetic evaporator, flowmeter and monitoring system. The anesthesia machine is composed of four main subsystems: gas supply and control loop system, respiratory and ventilation loop system, clearance system, and a set of system functions and respiratory loop monitors. Some anesthesia machines also have monitors and alarms to indicate the values and changes of some physiological variables and parameters related to cardiopulmonary function or the concentration of gases and anesthetics in breathing mixture. Usually, manufacturers only provide fewer monitoring and alarm combinations for standard products.
The composition and function of anesthesia machine are explained mainly from its working principle.