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Classification of hospital beds

According to material classification, it can be divided into ABS hospital bed, all stainless steel hospital bed, semi-stainless steel hospital bed, all-steel spray plastic hospital bed and so on.
According to its use, it can be divided into medical beds and domestic beds.
According to the function, it can be divided into electric beds and manual beds. Electric beds can also be divided into five-function electric beds and three-function electric beds. Manual beds can be divided into double-shake beds, single-shake beds and flat beds.
Multi-function electric sickbed
Function description
The bed is welded with steel, the bed surface is mesh structure, and the bed surface is breathable. The whole instant noodles of the bed are treated by electrostatic spraying.
The guardrail is made of aerospace aluminium profile and can be folded.
Four wheels with 125mm medical luxury mute can self-lock casters, stable and reliable.
The table is 30 cm wide and flexible plastic table, strong and durable.
Back fold: 0-75 degrees, leg fold angle: 0-90 degrees
Shape size: 2000 *900 *550 mm (length *width *bed height)
Convenient size: 225 *190mm